Bovenizer, Alfred

Hastings Cemetery

Name: Alfred Bovenizer

Died on: Thursday, 24th September 1942

Died at: 71 Warrior Square, St Leonards

Additional Information: Alfred Bovenizer, aged 74, was killed when seven fighter bombers swept into St Leonards strafing with machine gun fire and dropping HE bombs on Warrior Square, West Hill, St Leonards, Quarry Hill and De Cham Road. 23 people were killed in the attack, with 43 other wounded, 21 seriously.

Alfred was married to Constance Mary Bovenizer, who also died in the attack. They lived at Flat 9a, 71 Warrior Square.

I was unable to locate Alfred’s grave marker in the main area of WW2 war graves, so he is likely buried else where on site. I will look to find it when I revisit Hastings Cemetery.

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