Hastings War Memorial

Hastings War MemorialThere are 566 World War Two casualties listed on Hastings War Memorial in Alexandra Park. Their names can be found on seven panels on the rear wall of the memorial.

The memorial was commissioned by the Mayor of Hastings upon the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28th June 1919. The memorial was designed by Margaret Winser, a Kent based sculptress who studied under Rodin. The dedication ceremony took place on 26th March 1922. A list of the First World War casualties named on the memorial can be found in full here.

Below are the names in the order they are shown on the panels. Their names and initials are spelt as they are displayed. If you notice any errors, please let me know.

I have written the soldier’s rank out in full rather than the abbreviation present on the panels. The civilian casualties on the memorial have no rank next to their name or the term ‘civilian’. I have added this next to each name that applies.

Over the coming months I will be working through the list of names and creating pages for each of them. This information will be taken from the CWGC website.

If you have a further information and/or a photograph relating to any of the people listed here and wanted to share , I would be very happy to add them to the website. Please complete the form here.

You can search the list below by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ together and typing the surname of the person you are looking for in the box that appears in the browser window.

Adams, F W | Private
Adams, H | Lance Corporal
Adams, H | Lance Sergeant
Ainsworth, T E | Guardsman
Aldridge, R E | Sergeant
Allen, A D W | Ordinary Seaman
Allen, A C | Lieutenant
Allison, R F W | Flight Officer
Amiss, W S | Civilian
Andrews, D A | Guardsman
Apps, A E | Civilian
Apps, J | Warrant Officer
Aylwin, G | Corporal
Backman, M | Civilian
Badham, D M | Civilian
Badham, E L | Civilian
Bailey, C C | Gunner
Baird, J F | Civilian
Baker, A G | Corporal
Baker, M | Civilian
Baker, R B | RAF
Baldwin, A J | Gunner
Bannister, A B | Lieutenant
Barham, | Corporal
Barham, H F | Sergeant
Barker, E N | Corporal
Barnes, E M | Civilian
Barnes, T A | Private
Barrett, R C | Flight Lieutenant
Barron, D M | Aircraftwoman
Bartlett, O J | Able Seaman
Battersby, D M | Civilian
Beale, N N | Petty Officer
Bean, F | Gunner
Bean, H | Corporal
Beaney, E W | Gunner
Belderson, J B | Sergeant
Bell, J M | Flight Officer
Belton, R E | Sergeant
Betts, C A | Leading Telegrapher
Betts, F W | Leading Seaman
Betts, T A | Flight Sergeant
Betts, W S | Able Seaman
Bines, S J | Gunner
Blackman, G | Civilian
Blake, C R | Leading Stoker
Bloore, F E | Civilian
Boreham, C J | Sergeant
Boreham, L C | Private
Boston, A E | Rifleman
Boulton, J E | RAF
Bourn, R R | Civilian
Boutwood, F S | Reverend
Bovenzier, A | Civilian CWGC spelling: Bovenizer
Bovenzier, C M | Civilian CWGC spelling: Bovenizer
Bowen, M E | Civilian
Bowles, W F | Able Seaman
Breeds, T T | Chief Petty Officer
Brett, L C | Private
Bridger, A J | Corporal
Brockwell, E A | Leading Seaman
Brooker, G J | Civilian
Brown, A D | Sergeant
Brown, W F | Captain
Browning, C | Civilian
Bumstead, G W | Sergeant
Bumstead, J M | Civilian
Burgess, A H | Corporal
Burgess, J | Civilian
Burr, S | RAF
Burt, R E | Sergeant
Burton, J H J | Able Seaman
Busby, D G | Sergeant
Butler, A |
Butler, F | Sergeant
Butler, F C | Civilian
Butler, G J | Private
Butler, R W | Sergeant
Butler, S A | Able Seaman
Card, A R | Junior Seaman
Card, V | Sapper
Calvert, J L | Petty Officer
Carter, J P | Flight Sergeant
Carter, V R | Civilian
Catt, L J | Staff Sergeant
Cave, P | Lieutenant
Chadwick, W C | Private
Chainey, R J S | Corporal
Chalkley, F D | Flight Officer
Chancellor, P R | Sergeant
Chapman, C M | Civilian
Chitty, R L | Sergeant
Clapham, A F | Civilian
Clark, R E | Sergeant
Cleverley, M I | Civilian (CWGC spelling is Cleverly)
Cleverley, R | Sergeant
Climpson, R E | Able Seaman
Close, M | Civilian
Clowes, E N | Royal Navy
Clout, J | Lance Corporal
Coalbran, A H | Sergeant
Cobby, A V E | Flight Sergeant
Cobby, G P | Driver
Colbran, W H | Civilian
Coltham, B S | Civilian
Comerford, L R | Civilian
Congdon, D | Civilian
Constable, E M | Civilian
Cook, H W | Civilian
Cooper, A A | Civilian
Cooper, A S P | Civilian
Corney, S R |
Cornford, D C J | Corporal
Cornwall, F E | Civilian
Coussens, J D | Civilian
Cox, C H | Civilian
Cox, E A | Civilian
Cox, S A | Civilian
Cox, S D | Telegrapher
Cox, V E | Civilian
Cox, W E | Civilian
Crane, B | Driver
Crauford, E M | Civilian (incorrect spelling of surname – should be ‘Craufurd’)
Crawshaw, H W | Leading Aircraftman
Gree, R E E | Sergeant
Cripps, F C | Leading Seaman
Crouch, A J | Flight Officer DFM
Crouch, K A | Signalman
Cruttenden, P E |
Cullen, J D | Able Seaman
Davies, H L | Signalman
Davis, D W | Sergeant
Davis, W S H | (Last initial is ‘A’ but shown as H on the memorial)
Day, W H | Civilian
Dean, D | Civilian
Debenham, F H | Gunner
Deeprose, R | L/Bombardier
Dengate, W A | Gunner
Dicker, L P | Private
Dowding, W G | Civilian
Drake, G S F | Civilian
Drewett, A J | Corporal
Drywood, L W | Sergeant
Dunk, A W G | Corporal
Dunn, R | Sergeant
Dutton, R H | Civilian
Dymock, C A | Civilian
Eaton, G | Royal Navy
Edwards, E | Lance Corporal
Edwards, R P | Sergeant
Eldridge, D P | Civilian
Eling, F | Civilian
Eling, F C | Civilian
Elkins, C S | Able Seaman
Ellis, A F | Sergeant
Etheridge, J F | Sergeant
Evans, D | Gunner
Eveson, W A S | Gunner
Fairall, E J | Able Seaman
Fairbrother, J W | Private
Farrel, T | Lieutenant
Fearnside, A K | Flight Sergeant
Fellows, A C | Civilian (Initials should be ‘A E’)
Fellows, R T | Corporal
Field, G W | Private
Fiest, B | Civilian
Fisher, D F | Civilian
Forbes-Sempill, J M | Civilian
Foord, C D | Private
Ford, W J | Able Seaman
Foster, A T | Able Seaman
Fowler, E A | Civilian
Fowles, J D S | Civilian
Franklin, R F | Lieutenant
Frazer, M | Civilian
Freear, A | Driver
French, F E | Civilian
Friend, A | Civilian
Friend, E | Civilian
Frost, S H | Able Seaman
Fry, W F | Civilian
Fuller, F | Civilian
Gallop, A L | Private
Gamblen, J | Civilian
Gamblen, M | Civilian
Garner, N B | Corporal
Gasson, F | Trooper
Gibbs, L | Sapper
Giles, E L | Civilian
Gill, F B | (was a Petty Officer)
Gillett, J C | Corporal
Gladwell, W H | Sergeant
Glazier, C A | Civilian
Glenister, P R | Lieutenant
Goldsmith, W P | Sapper
Gooday, V G | Civilian
Goodsell, M I J | Sub Lieutenant
Goodwin, L K H | L/Bombardier
Goodwin, W S | Civilian
Gower, F H | Civilian
Gummerson, H | Civilian
Gummerson, G R | Civilian
Gummerson, T E J | Civilian
Gurr, D C | Flight Sergeant
Gurr, C F | Flight Sergeant
Guttridge, R A | Civilian
Haddon, H J | SQMS
Haddon, W O | Lance Corporal
Hall, G A | Flight Officer
Hammond, D | R O C
Handley, J M | Lance Corporal
Harding, A | Civilian
Harman, A A C | Sub Lieutenant
Harman, D P C | Signalman
Harmer, E M | Civilian
Harmer, J T | Civilian
Hart, W W | Civilian
Haste, D F C | Flight Officer
Hatch, E C | Private
Hatch, F G | Private
Hay, S J | Sergeant
Haynes, T C | Corporal
Hayward, H | Civilian
Hayward, M | Civilian
Hazeldon-French, E | Sergeant
Henham, H V |
Heppell, F G | Civilian
Herbert, D M | Sergeant
Hesmond, W | Driver
Hewett, R S | Lance Corporal
Hickes, P I | Petty Officer
Hicks, V E | Civilian
Hilder, W R | Civilian
Hillyer, L A | Civilian
Hindle, A J | Civilian
Hinman, R A | Sapper
Hinton, R G | Bombardier
Hoad, E R | Civilian
Holland, H J | Aircraftwoman
Hollinger, D A | Petty Officer
Hollis, W J | Flight Sergeant
Hookham, A E | Lance Corporal
Hooper, H G | Able Seaman
Horton, F M | Civilian
Howe, C F | Able Seaman
Hubble, D W | Leading Aircraftwoman
Huggett, C G | Civilian
Huggins, G E | Able Seaman
Huggins, J F H | Sergeant
Hume, C R K | Civilian
Hume-Spry, J | Captain
Hunt, E | Civilian
Huntly, C B | Lance Corporal
Hutchinson, L F | Royal Engineers
Hutchinson, V E | Staff Sergeant
Hutchinson, W | Sapper
Hyndson, J G W | Flight Sergeant
Isden, J J | Warrant Officer
Jary, C |
Jeffery, F E | Civilian
Jenner, G A | Private
Jezzard, F G | Gunner
Johnston, T C | Civilian
Johnston, T E | Sergeant
Kay, R | Able Seaman
Keating, F J | Private
Keating, F J | Civilian
Kemp, N L D | Corporal
Kemp, N O H | Civilian
Kennard, W D | Petty Officer
Kifford, W | Bandmaster
King, P L | Captain
Kingscote, E M | Corporal
Knight, J M | Private
Knowles, G H | Civilian
Knowles, L | Civilian
Koley, F | Civilian
Lake, R P | Corporal
Lamb, E | Royal Navy
Leach, L | 2nd Lieutenant
Lean, G W | Petty Officer
Lee, A W | Gunner
Lee, E | Private
Leng, F W | Lieutenant
Lester, R | Corporal
Lewis, N M | Civilian
Lewis, W D | Civilian
Limb, M E | Civilian
Lockyear, D | 2nd Lieutenant
Loft, W G | Civilian
Loup, L P | Civilian
Loup, M M | Civilian
Luck, L F | Royal Navy
Lude, L F | Able Seaman
Ludlow, A K | Civilian
Lusted, G A |
Lusted, J | Civilian
Lygo, A J | Staff Sergeant
Lynas, N L | Private
Lyon, F H |
Lyth, S H | Major
MacDougall, I D | Acting Quartermaster Sergeant
Machant, E C | Civilian
MacLachlan, D M | Civilian
MacLachlan, L | Civilian
Madge, H L | Flight Lieutenant
Maltby, D J H | Squadron Leader DSO, DFC
Mann, C F | Private
Mann, E A | Stoker
Manning, P | Royal Navy
Mantell, E C | Sergeant
Marchant, E A |
Marchant, R F | Civilian
Marson, L G | Major
Martin, A G | Civilian
Martin, H I | Sister
Martin, M E | Civilian
Martin, P J W | Company Sergeant Major
Martin, S | Civilian
Martin, W H | Sapper
Matson, F G R | Petty Officer
Mayer, F A | Civilian
McKinnell, I D | 2nd Officer
McKnight, B J | Civilian
McLean, G H |
Meek, M E | Civilian
Mepham, W J | Flight Officer
Merrony, E B | Signalman
Message, M | Civilian
Milham, W A | Civilian
Miles, R S | Marine
Miller, A G | Civilian
Miller, H T | Civilian
Millerick, F F W | Stoker
Mills, T F H | Sergeant
Mitchell, A | Chief Petty Officer
Mitchell, D J | Gunner
Mitchell, F E | Flight Lieutenant
Moir, S C | Marine
Molyneux, T C S | 2nd Lieutenant
Money, J E | Petty Officer
Monk, M F | Civilian
Moon, J E | PO
Moore, D C | Petty Officer
Morford, R S | Lance Sergeant
Morgan, M A | Civilian
Morley, E C W | 2nd Lieutenant
Morris, F H | Able Seaman
Morris, J C | Civilian
Morton, F C W | Civilian
Mould, G | Lance Corporal
Muggridge, J E | Civilian
Murdoch, H R | Civilian
Murdoch, M | Civilian
Murphy, C M N | Civilian
Murray, R V | Civilian
Neall, H A | Civilian
Nethercott, H J |
Newberry, P J | Warrant Officer
Nicol, J C | Flight Sergeant
Norton, A | Flight Sergeant
Novis, L W B | Gunner
O’Donoghue, B K | Captain
O’Gorman, R J |
Olley, R F | Corporal
Osborn, R L | 3rd Officer
Osborne, T | Petty Officer
Osmond, P | Chief Engineer
Osmond, V | Trooper
Osmond, W E G | Petty Officer
Oxenham, A R | Petty Officer
Page, C | Civilian
Page, G | Civilian
Paine, R F |
Palastanga, B W | Sergeant
Palmer, A V | Corporal
Parker, W F | Trooper
Parsons, A H | Private
Parsons, J F E | Private
Parsons, V | Private
Pay, L | Trooper
Payne, A | Civilian
Pearce, W | Petty Officer
Pearch, H A | Civilian
Pellatt, C R | Fusilier
Pennells, R H | Flight Sergeant
Pepper, J | Civilian
Perch, C | Civilian
Perks, C | Civilian
Philcox, A | Civilian
Philcox, A | Able Seaman
Phillips, F | Private
Phillips, J | Civilian
Phillips, J W |
Phillips, J W | Civilian
Phillips, L W B | Private
Picknell, E F | Guardsman
Pitt, E N |
Playford, R J | Sapper
Pollard, W J | Sergeant
Poole, A K | Civilian
Pope, F V | Civilian
Pope, J G W | Petty Officer
Portsmouth, A A C | Civilian
Potter, E C | Civilian
Povey, J H | Flight Officer
Price, P | Flight Lieutenant
Priddle, H E | Civilian (First initials should be ‘M E’)
Prior, A | Civilian
Proctor, L J | Leading Seaman
Proctor, R |
Prynn, A R | Colour Sergeant
Pye, H W | Lance Bombardier
Rancom, H | Private
Randall, R J | Driver
Ray, B | Flight Officer
Read, E | Civilian
Reader, A H | Civilian
Reed, C J | Sergeant
Reed, W A | Civilian
Reid, R C | Sergeant
Resse, C | Private
Richardson, A W |
Richardson, F T | Able Seaman
Richman, W H |
Rickaby, G E |
Roffe, W H | Civilian
Ross, R B | Captain
Rowley, D | Private
Rummery, A M | Civilian
Sadler, W G | Civilian
Sales, H N | Corporal
Sant, J B | Flight Officer
Sargent, D L | Civilian
Sargent, R E | Civilian
Saunders, B J | Civilian
Saunders, E M | Civilian
Saunders, G | Civilian
Saxby, E H B | Private
Sculley, S J | Civilian
Seaward, G L | Driver
Sellens, A V |
Sellens, H W | Fusilier
Shaw, F H | Sergeant
Shaw, J W | Civilian
Shirley, K J | Petty Officer
Shropshall, K J | Civilian
Simes, R | Royal Artillery
Simpson, T LF | Petty Officer
Skyrme, E F | Lieutenant
Slater, G L | Flight Lieutenant
Slough, H | Bosun
Smith, A C E | Aircraftman
Smith, C I | Private
Smith, F E | Private
Smith, J D | Petty Officer
Smith, R | Aircraftman
Smith, R F | Sergeant RAF
Smith, R F | Sergeant Royal Artillery
Smith, S F | Private
Smith, W E F | Sapper
Snaith, G F | Private
Snow, Mrs | Civilian
Somerville, J | Civilian
Southey, A H | Civilian
Southey, F H | Civilian
Spencer, W A | Civilian
Spice, L V | Civilian
Spouse, E A | Surgeon Lieutenant
Squires, R C U | Bombardier
Squires, R T | MO
Stace, W B | Private
Stanley, T F K |
Starkey, D R |
Steel, H S N | Civilian
Sterry, G E | Sergeant
Stocks, R N | Lance Corporal
Stokes, H B | Sergeant
Stones, F M | Civilian
Stroud, R F T | 2nd Lieutenant
Swaffer, C | Able Seaman
Swain, E | RAF
Swannell, J W | Flight Sergeant
Symes, W | Civilian
Syrus, W A | Civilian
Tapp, R E | Seaman
Tarrant, J K | Civilian
Tayler, G | Flight Sergeant
Taylor, A | Bombardier
Taylor, E A | Civilian
Taylor, J E | Sergeant
Taylor, K F E | Petty Officer
Taylor, R J | Driver
Tester, A C E | Civilian
Tester, A J | Bombardier
Thicke, R C E | 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas, V J | Civilian
Thompsett, F S | Civilian
Thompsett, M M | Civilian
Thompson, E M E | Civilian
Thurlow, F | Royal Navy
Tickner, N | Civilian
Tindall, L S | Flight Lieutenant
Titchener, H F | Leading Stoker
Tomlin, F | Driver
Tompkins, P H | Civilian
Torrance, C E | Civilian
Truluck, J D | Sergeant
Tutt, L H M | Sergeant
Twist, E | Civilian
Varney, F L | Petty Officer
Venables, J | Captain
Verrells, F J | Civilian
Villa, H H C | Warrant Officer
Waite, E M | Civilian
Walder, J | Sergeant
Walker, B H | Civilian
Walsh, J P | Able Seaman
Walton, W T | Petty Officer
Wareham, A | Civilian
Wareham, R E |
Warner, H F | Lance Sergeant
Warren, E W J | Sergeant
Watson, A R | Civilian
Watson, K C A |
Weaver, F | Private
Weeks, A H | Seaman
Wenman, A A | Trooper
Wenman, A V | Civilian
Wensley, H H | Sergeant
Whatmore, S F | Radio Operator
White, A W | Able Seaman
White, C J | Civilian (Should be G J White)
White, D J K | Flight Officer
White, E M A | Civilian
White, J C | Able Seaman
White, J E | Civilian
Wigley, J F E | Petty Officer
Willard, G F | Private
Willard, J A T | Lance Corporal
William, M I | Civilian
Williams, J H | Driver
Williams, N B | Lieutenant
Wilmshurst, E A | Civilian
Wimborne, L A | Civilian (The correct spelling is Winborn)
Wimborne, R | Civilian (The correct spelling is Winborn)
Winborn, T | Civilian
Winchester, R G | Sergeant
Wingfield, C H | Petty Officer
Wingfield, F | Private
Wise, H W | Lieutenant
Woodcock, S F | Sergeant
Wright, M M | Civilian
Wright, S | Civilian
Yates, R M | Leading Stoker

The eleven names below are on a separate panel, as additions to the main list.

Avery, C W | Lance Corporal
Berrecloth, R G | Private
Coates, T | Marine
Cowen, T | Trooper
Hazelden, J | Private
Kent, A H | Ordinary Seaman
Lee, E S | Civilian
Marchant, D R | Civilian
Norcock, D R | Lieutenant Commander
Reeves, J H | Able Seaman
Saddler, R C | Sergeant

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