Hastings Cemetery

Hastings CemeteryHastings Cemetery is located on the Ridge, the hill that forms the outer edge of the town. The cemetery was opened in 1856, and since then has been the final destination for most residents of Hastings and St Leonards.

A Commonwealth War Grave site for casualties of World War Two is located within the cemetery. It contains the grave markers of 76 service personnel, including six German air men and one German soldier.

In addition to the service personnel there are grave markers for the 152 civilians killed during bombing raids on Hastings and St Leonards.

One additional civilian style grave marker is labelled ‘Unknown’. This individual was lost at sea and was found on 4th September 1944.

The names of all those remembered are listed below.

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The list is divided into two parts, the first being service personnel and the second being civilians.

You can search the list below by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ together and typing the surname of the person you are looking for in the box that appears in the browser window.

Service Personnel

Apps, J | Gunner
Beale, N N | Pilot Officer
Burr, S | Sergeant
Butler, A | Gunner
Butz, J | Unknown
Carter, J R | Major
Chainey, R J S | Corporal
Chancellor, P R | Sergeant
Corney, S R | Corporal
Crawshaw, H W | Leading Aircraftman
Cruttenden, P E | Sapper
Davies, H L | Gunner
Davis, W S A | Shipwright
Dicker, L P | Private
Dunn, R | Flight Sergeant
Dymock, C A | Driver
Edwards, R P | Sergeant
Eveson, W A S | Gunner
Feist, B | Trooper
Field, G W | Private
Gill, F B | Petty Officer
Goodwin, L K H | Lance Bombardier
Goodwin, W S | Battery Quartermaster Serjeant
Haddon, W O | Lance Corporal
Hay, S J | Sergeant
Henham, H V | Private
Holland, H J | Aircraftwoman 1st Class
Hubble, D W | Leading Aircraftwoman
Jary, C | Driver
Kemp, N L D | Corporal
Koley, F | Private
Krings, P | Unknown
Lusted, G A | Private
Lyon, F H | Sapper
Marchant, E A | Sergeant
Meek, M E | Senior Commander
Message, H E G | Private
Milham, W A | Aircraftman 2nd Class
Miller, H T | Leading Stoker
Mills, T F H | Sergeant
Murphy, M C | Private
Mcknight, B J | Gunner
Mclean, G H | Stoker 2nd Class
Nelson, G | Unknown
Nethercott, H J | Lieutenant
O’Gorman, R J | Gunner
Obladen, J | Unknown
Paine, R F | Driver
Phillips, J | Fisherman
Pitt, E N | Aircraftman 1st Class
Postler, K | Unknown
Potter, E C | Driver
Povey, J H | Flying Officer
Proctor, R | Sapper
Richardson, A W | Driver
Richardson, F T | Seaman
Richman, W H | Private
Rickaby, G E | Gunner
Saddler, R C | Sergeant
Sculley, S J | Sergeant
Sellens, A V | Sapper
Spice, R V | Leading Seaman
Stanley, T F K | Serjeant
Starkey, D R | Leading Aircraftman
Steel, H S N | Sergeant
Stroud, R F T | Second Lieutenant
Tompkins, P H | Leading Aircraftman
Venables, J | Captain
Walton, W T | Pilot Officer
Wareham, R E | Ordinary Telegraphist
Watson, K C A | Signalman
Weeks, A H | Seaman
Wenman, A A | Trooper
Weyergang, E | Unknown
White, J C | Seaman
Ziel, F | Unknown


Amiss, W S | Civilian
Apps, E A | Civilian
Backman, M | Civilian
Badham, D M | Civilian
Badham, E L | Civilian
Baker, M | Civilian
Barnes, E M | Civilian
Battersby, D M | Civilian
Beeching, J P | Civilian
Bloore, F E | Civilian
Bourn, R R | Civilian
Bovenizer, A | Civilian
Bovenizer, C M | Civilian
Brooker, G J | Civilian
Brown, W F | Civilian
Browning, C | Civilian
Bumstead, J M | Civilian
Burgess, J | Civilian
Butler, C F | Civilian
Chapman, C M | Civilian
Clapham, A F | Civilian
Cleverly, M I | Civilian
Close, M | Civilian
Colbran, H W | Civilian
Coltham, B S | Civilian
Comerford, L R | Civilian
Congdon, D | Civilian
Constable, E M | Civilian
Cook, H W | Civilian
Cooper, A S P | Civilian
Cornwall, F E | Civilian
Cox, C H | Civilian
Cox, E A | Civilian
Cox, S A | Civilian
Cox, V E | Civilian
Craufurd, E M | Civilian
Dean, D | Civilian
Dowding, W G | Civilian
Drake, G St. G F | Civilian
Dutton, R H | Civilian
Eldridge, D P | Civilian
Evans, M I | Civilian
Fellows, A E | Civilian
Felton, C F | Civilian
Fowler, E A | Civilian
Fraser, M | Civilian
French, F E | Civilian
Friend, A | Civilian
Friend, E | Civilian
Gamblen, J | Civilian
Gamblen, M | Civilian
Giles, E L | Civilian
Glazier, C A | Civilian
Gooday, V G | Civilian
Gower, F H | Civilian
Gummerson, G R | Civilian
Gummerson, H | Civilian
Gummerson, T E J | Civilian
Harding, A | Civilian
Harmer, E M | Civilian
Harmer, J T | Civilian
Hart, W W | Civilian
Hayler, E | Civilian
Hayward, H | Civilian
Hayward, M | Civilian
Heppell, F G | Civilian
Hicks, V E D | Civilian
Hilder, W R | Civilian
Hindle, A J | Civilian
Hoad, E R | Civilian
Horton, F M | Civilian
Hume, C R K | Civilian
Hunt, E | Civilian
Jeffery, F E | Civilian
Johnston, T C | Civilian
Keating, F J | Civilian
Kemp, N O H | Civilian
Killick, A P | Civilian
Lewis, N M | Civilian
Lewis, W D | Civilian
Lewry, J E | Civilian
Limb, M E | Civilian
Linch, D M | Civilian
Loup, L P | Civilian
Loup, M M | Civilian
Ludlow, A K | Civilian
Maclachlan, D | Civilian
Maclachlan, L | Civilian
Marchant, D R | Civilian
Marchant, E C | Civilian
Marchant, R F | Civilian
Martin, G A | Civilian
Martin, M E | Civilian
Martin, S | Civilian
Mayor, F A | Civilian
Miller, A G | Civilian
Mitten, A E | Civilian
Monk, M F | Civilian
Murdock, H R | Civilian
Neall, H A | Civilian
Payne, A | Civilian
Pearch, H A | Civilian
Pepper, J | Civilian
Perks, C | Civilian
Philcox, A | Civilian
Phillips, J H | Civilian
Poole, A K | Civilian
Portsmouth, A A | Civilian
Priddle, M E | Civilian
Prior, A | Civilian
Read, E | Civilian
Reader, A H | Civilian
Redhead, M E | Civilian
Reed, W A | Civilian
Roffe, W H | Civilian
Rummery, A M | Civilian
Sadler, W G | Civilian
Sargent, D L | Civilian
Sargent, R E | Civilian
Saunders, B J | Civilian
Saunders, E M | Civilian
Saunders, G | Civilian
Somerville, J | Civilian
Southey, A H | Civilian
Southey, F | Civilian
Spencer, W A | Civilian
Stones, F M | Civilian
Sutton, E M | Civilian
Symes, W | Civilian
Syrus, D B | Civilian
Syrus, W A | Civilian
Tarrant, J K | Civilian
Taylor, E A | Civilian
Tester, A C | Civilian
Thompsett, F S | Civilian
Thompsett, M M | Civilian
Thompson, E M E | Civilian
Timms, J L | Civilian
Torrance, C E | Civilian
Twist, E | Civilian
Waite, E M | Civilian
Walker, B H | Civilian
Wareham, A | Civilian
Watson, A R | Civilian
Wenman, A V | Civilian
Wheeler, A | Civilian
White, G J | Civilian
Wilmshurst, E A | Civilian
Winborn, L A | Civilian
Winborn, R | Civilian
Winborn, T | Civilian
Wright, M M | Civilian
Wright, S | Civilian

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