182 Bohemia Road, St Leonards

182 and 184 Bohemia Road, St Leonards

A little after 3:30pm on Thursday March 11th 1943, an estimated 2o Focke-Wulf 190s attacked the town from inland, having cross the Channel at Fairlight. They attacked at high speed and low altitude, dropping at least 25 high explosive bombs. The bombs caused extensive damage across Hastings and St Leonards, hitting Silverhill Junction, St Matthew’s Schools, Strood Road, Alma Terrace, Alma Villas, Perth Road, Adelaide Road, Battle Road, Aldborough Road, Clarence Road, Salisbury Road, King Edward Avenue, Salisbury Road, Bohemia Road, Springfield Road, Combermere Road, Burry Road, Blomfield Road, Holmesdale Gardens & St Helens Road.

The human cost was the worst the town would suffer in a single day, with 38 people dead and 90 others wounded, 39 seriously.

One of the bombs exploded near to 182 and 184 Bohemia Road. The row of houses now longer exists, so the image above shows their approximate location. Margaret Martin, aged 64 was killed at number 182 and Ellen Taylor, aged 40 died at number 184.


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